Improving the Resolution and Quality of Diagnostic X-Rays

X-Ray Healthcare

X-ray grating interferometry imaging is poised to be the next major advance in diagnostic radiology. X-ray interferometry can be implemented as projection radiography, tomosynthesis, and CT. Grating Interferometry is the state of the art across all types of diagnostic x-ray applications.

Healthcare Mission Statement - Design, fabricate and implement a paradigm shift to clinical diagnostic imaging systems for the early detection of diseases and cancers to promote health longevity, and wellness.

Problem: In healthcare, the diagnostic standard for detecting lung diseases, cancer, and other maladies is computed tomography (CT) technology and it has three major drawbacks: 1) The resolution is not sufficient for effective early-stage diagnosis, 2) patients are exposed to substantial amounts of radiation and 3) CT is expensive and accessibility is often limited.

Solution: RI’s technology is a combination of data analysis software and hardware infrastructure (microfabricated optics) that eliminates the current drawbacks of traditional radiology. RI’s technology will retrofit current CT/X-ray machines increasing resolution at least two-fold and decreasing patient radiation dose.

Redefined Imaging

Grating Interferometry

Grating interferometry imaging can enhance the utility of x-ray imaging by providing additional information beyond traditional absorption imaging. Due to the limits of radiographic contrast, conventional imaging is not effective as one might desire for imaging of tissues such as the liver, prostate, uterus, and lung. X-ray interferometry simultaneously provides three complementary and correlated images in a single scan: the traditional absorption image, a dark-field (showing tissue scattering) image, and a differential phase contrast (showing tissue interfaces) image.

Refined Imaging LLC (RI) will develop the microfabricated optics, instrumentation, and software for the prototype lung imaging X-ray interferometer system. The optics (hardware), the data interpretation software package can be installed into a new imaging instrument or configured as a retrofit package in existing clinical X-ray radiography equipment, either portable or stationary.

Redefined Imaging

An interferometry imaging system designed by Refined imaging. In this design, a COPD lung could be imaged in a single breath-hold with a radiation load equivalent to a chest radiograph.