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Refined Imaging Team

Dr. Leslie Butler

Dr. Leslie Butler received his Ph.D. in 1981 and has been at LSU since 1983. He is at the apex of his career and is recognized around the world for his research in interferometry. He is regularly invited to speak and present his latest work at research conferences around the world. Dr. Butler has built two interferometers at LSU, currently the co-PI to build another interferometer at the ORNL HFIR and is currently building a neutron interferometry at our lab in Pennington Biomedical Research Center. He has successfully been approved for one patent and has three additional patent applications in process/ready to be filed. Refined Imaging’s success will be to execute the patents filed by Dr. Butler and to rely on his scientific guidance to continually improve the technology and keep ahead of any competition.

Dr. Jost Goettert

Dr. Jost Goettert received his PhD in 1992, founded the LSU Center for Advanced Microfabrication and Devices (CAMD) microfabrication lab and was its first director until 2012. He is a world-renowned expert in microfabrication and is currently a professor in Germany. Dr. Goettert is an integral part of the RI team, maintains a home in Baton Rouge and is committed to further develop and improve the RI technology.

Dr. Kyungmin Ham

Dr. Kyungmin Ham received her Ph.D. in 1994 and has been researcher/assistant professor since 2000 at CAMD, where Refined Imaging produces some of its gratings. She has been Dr. Butler’s assistant for the past 17 years and will direct the quality assurance program. Every grating Refined Imaging produces will be tested for quality assurance. Dr. Ham will also have access to the only “pure” monochromatic test for gratings in the world for energy over 70KeV, which is in the process of being completed at CAMD.

Mr. Charles Hartman

Mr. Charles Hartman is the managing member of Refined Imaging and is a successful seasoned professional with over forty years of business experience. His degree in Nuclear Science provides him with the opportunity to clearly understand the science and translate the scientific objective from the scientists to a clearly defined commercialization path. His experiences through successes have given him the insight to grow companies to achieve stability and profitability. He has been recognized for operation and financial acumen as well as his demonstrated skill for decision- making and resolving challenges. He is in charge of Refined Imaging’s daily operations as well as keeping the science focused on marketability. As the business development officer, he has guided Refined Imaging into several new areas that leverage the strengths of the company, but without dilution of effort.

Dr. Warren Johnson

Dr. Warren Johnson is currently a full-time professor of physics and astronomy at LSU. He is a co-inventor of RI’s licensed patent, as well as a patent application. His experience at the Laser Interferometry Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) (which received a Nobel Prize) facility has been extremely valuable to RI. His experience with gravitational forces and being able to mitigate their effects in interferometry will be extremely important in RI’s data interpretation software.

Dr. Kenneth Matthews

Dr. Kenneth Matthews is RI’s medical physicist specializing in nuclear medicine imaging. He received certification in medical nuclear physics from the American Board of Radiology in 2001. He is a faculty member of the Medical Physics and Health Physics Program. His primary research interest is development of application-specific radioisotope imaging systems, and the use of nuclear medicine imaging for clinical and preclinical research. More broadly, he is involved in research projects that seek to bring advanced imaging technology, especially monochromatic synchrotron x-ray imaging, to radiation therapy as well as non-medical fields.

Dr. Wieslaw Stryjewski

Dr. Wieslaw Stryjewski is an instrumentalist specialist. He started in X-ray interferometry with the W.M. Keck project and has been responsible for all instrument control software. The software started as LabView only, and then evolved into a Python/LabView combination. He made the transition to Python to be more compatible with the ORNL CG-1D software, a Python/EPICS combination. Dr. Stryjewski is retired from industry but is continuing to program for RI.

Dr. Michael Vincent

Dr. Michael Vincent is currently a full-time employee of Refined Imaging and in charge of the microfabrication process at CAMD. He learned microfabrication at CAMD, Korea’s UNIST as NSF East Asia & Pacific Summer Institutes for U.S. Graduate Students (EAPSI) Fellow, and has visited the research facilities at Karlsruhe, Germany; arranged by Dr. Goettert and hosted by Dr. Joachim Schulz, president of Microworks GmbH.


Neutron & X-Ray Interferometry Imaging

Number of Team Members


Financial Partner

Refined Imaging is Seeking a Financial Partner to Expedite the Technology

Use of Funds

New employees, Product development, Demonstrations, Marketing/Sales

Business Description

Refined Imaging (RI) is a multifaceted imaging company created to advance patented, patent-pending, and proprietary technology in healthcare and material science. This venture can dramatically benefit and enhance the current multi-billion imaging markets.


In healthcare, the diagnostic standard for detecting lung diseases, cancer, and other diseases is computed tomography (CT) technology. It has two major drawbacks: 1) The resolution is insufficient for effective early-stage diagnosis, 2) CT is expensive, accessibility is limited, and 3) patients are exposed to substantial amounts of radiation. In material science, the resolution is not sufficient to detect submicron defects, porosity, delaminations, and CT imaging is too slow.


RI’s technology combines data analysis software and hardware infrastructure (microfabricated optics) that eliminates the current drawbacks of X-ray and neutron interferometry. RI’s technology will retrofit current CT/X-ray machines increasing resolution at least two-fold and decrease patient radiation dose.


RI’s technology can be used in healthcare and material science, i.e., non-destructive testing in additive manufacturing. RI will manufacture the hardware and supply the associated data analysis software to manufacturers of CT and X-ray machines in both industries for either new or retrofit installation. These industry markets exceed 30 billion dollars and are multiplying.

Competitive Advantages

RI’s multifaceted imaging techniques separate it from other companies globally, which will allow RI to be the first to market. RI has received directly or indirectly over $3.3M in peer-reviewed federal grants. RI has the exclusive license agreement with LSU for this technology, including one patent and two in process.


RI has the knowledge and expertise to fabricate the hardware (interferometry optics), or this process can be subcontracted. RI has developed relationships with X-ray and neutron imaging manufacturers and has demonstrated its superior technological capabilities with their respective clients in mind. These demonstrations will lead to hardware sales, accompanied by a lease, renewed annually, for the data interpretation software. In healthcare, RI intends to build a lung imaging instrument at LSU Pennington Biomedical Research Center (PBRC) for diagnostic imaging of COVID-19, COPD, and other lung disease patients. A pilot study (15 patients) will be conducted with the assistance of PBRC and the LSU Health Science Center (LSUHSC) Pulmonology group (10 physicians).

Management Team

Dr. Leslie Butler is recognized worldwide for his research in interferometry and will guide the company’s scientific efforts. Dr. Jost Goettert is a world-renowned expert in microstructure fabrication. Dr. Kyungmin Ham is a beamline expert and will direct the quality assurance program. Dr. Warren Johnson, a physicist at The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO), a colleague of the Nobel Prize recipients and one of the co-inventors of RI’s licensed technology, is an integral RI team member. Dr. Kenneth Matthews is RI’s radiation physicist, and Dr. Stryjewski is the software expert. Dr. Vincent is RI’s microfabrication technician. Charles Hartman is a successful business development entrepreneur that will keep the science focused on marketability.

Ask and Use of Funds

RI is seeking a financial partner to expedite the technology. An investor package with the use of funds schedule and summary or detail financials are available upon request.

Return and Exit

The potential return to investors is evident by the detailed financial projections. RI expects to be acquired, partner, or license the technology to an imaging manufacturer within two to four years.