Research - Neutron

Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) Neutron

The fast and thermal neutron interferometer that Refined Imaging and Adelphi Tech are building in Baton Rouge is arguably the world’s best fast/thermal neutron imaging system. It will have (1) a pulsed neutron generator, (2) a gated detector with time-of-flight imaging of fast and thermal neutrons, and (3) interferometry with large field-of-view optics. The optimal fraction of fast neutron and thermal neutron imaging is a key factor in designing a neutron interferometer optimized for additive manufacturing.

The anticipated benefit is for customers with additively manufactured titanium, steel, or Inconel parts longer than 5-10 cm along the imaging path. The transmission of fast and thermal neutrons through these thicker materials is superior to X-rays. The thermal neutron wavelength is compatible with grating-based interferometry, thus increasing the image contrast for porosity, delaminations, and detection of early crack formation in fatigued components.Cybersecurity needs to be moved to the X-Ray sections after Material Science Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) X-ray

Plant Root Imaging

Successful plant growth depends upon an efficient and robust root system. The plant root is part of the extensive water, nutrient, and microbial system flows in the soil system. Refined Imaging will develop a new strategy for neutron imaging of plant/soil systems utilizing a portable neutron generator.  This will be the first neutron imaging system in the world able to repeatedly imaging plant root systems for longitudinal studies.

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